cannakan kan and tray set wiyh huggers split pot and removal tool
Stick it in your kan

Cannakan® Seed germination & growth tray system

Remove the clutter, stay organized and take advantage of environmental consistencies that will improve your seed germination & plant growth success.

Provide your seeds, seedlings, and plant clippings consistent & ideal growth conditions and processes with our patent pending systems and approach.

Key seed germination features retain heat and humidity airflow and dark

There's nothing else like it. Period.

  • Store seeds
  • Germinate seeds
  • Grow seedlings
  • Keep seeds and plants separated & organized
  • Propagate plant clippings
  • Up to (16) varieties in a single compact system
  • No need for dark cabinets or closets: germinate anywhere
  • Store & germinate up to 100+ seeds in one system
  • Handle & plant: seeds, seedlings & plant clippings safely with ease
  • Cold storage & dishwasher safe
  • Made from and is recyclable (PP) material


KAN and Tra seed germination and growth tray system overview
Store seeds • Germinate • Grow seedlings • Propagate Clippings

KAN™ & Trā™ germination & growth tray system.

Never has there been a seed germination or growth tray system this versatile and organized.

The Cannakan® patent pending systems provides a superior germination and growing environment. No matter how you germinate your seeds or start your grow. The KAN& Trāsystems offer you with best chance at success. Store, germinate and grow up to 16 varieties. You will only find a variety of options & qualities like these within the Cannakan® systems.

cannakan seed germination growth tray systems Kan™-Trā™ expanded displayed
3 Needs for seeds:

W.O.W. Give them what they need.

Water Oxygen Warmth

When germinating seeds: first thing is to float & soak your seeds. During this process, a seed will absorb enough water through its seed coat that it needs to successfully germinate. Seeds will sink once they have absorbed all the water they need to germinate successfully. Too long soaking and your seeds will drown. They need oxygen too. The goal now is to keep seeds warm &moist with plenty of oxygen and avoid the seeds from drying out and in most cases, keep them in the dark. The Cannakan® can do all of that and more in one system.

seed germination tray labeled partitions
No more multiple containers & plastic bags with wet paper towels

Labeled partitions.

Our labeled partition feature allows you to keep track of all your varieties of seeds, plants and their positions using our app, downloadable seed charts or simply written on a piece of paper or tape.

Cannakan Tra and KAN feature overview of inner partitions and keyed slot alignment features
Never get mixed up again

Alignment features

Be organized and stay that way. Our keyed partitions also feature rounded outside corners ensuring that you never get mixed up again. While maintaining your seeds and plants, they will always remain one way. The same way you placed them.

Don't take chances

Root & seed Safety

Avoid the risk of root damage when germinating your seeds. Keep smaller seeds safe & sound. Filter paper allows for proper water & air exchange while also keeping taproots & smaller seeds from passing through the strainer holes.

Use 90mm (3.5") lab or standard circle filter paper with the KAN™.

Cannakan TRa with split-pots and false bottoms
A system that grows

False bottom strainers.

Our partition strainers keep your seeds safe when geminating seeds. When it comes time to grow or direct sow: remove the false bottom strainers and install your split-pots with your favorite grow media. Removing the strainers avoids roots from growing through, preventing any root damage during the removal of your plants when it's time for them to move on.

split-pots and removal tool
Propagation by seed or cuttings

Split-pots & removal tool

Continue your germination journey. Or start a new journey direct seeding/sowing or propagating plant cuttings in your favorite grow media while still benefiting from the organized and consistent grow environment the Cannakan® systems provide.

Side apertures & bottom grow hole allow your soil to get enough water and oxygen to promote healthy root and plant growth. Our split-pots, partitions and tray body allow you to water your plants from the bottom up. This approach allows your grow media to absorb only what it needs and reduces the risk of over watering, mold, mildew and unwanted pests. Side apertures promote air pruning allowing plants to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots.

Designed for safety and comfort, safe transport & removal of your plant. Avoiding root, stem or leaf damage when it's time to go.

Cannakan split-pot soil block press
1 tool 2 uses

Soil blocker and forever home press

Press your own soil blocks within the split-pots. Use that same press to create the perfect size forever home by pressing into your preferred grow media into your plant's final pot, bed or in the ground. Simply remove your plant from the split-pot and place in its prepared home you created with the soil blocker & forever home press.

store  seed or flower silica and humidity packs
Keeping things safe

When it's time to store

Safely store your seeds & flower in both our Kan™ and Trā™ versions.

Whether you are cold storing seeds or simply storing flower. Our lids close tight; allowing you to control the humidity levels within our systems by either adding silica or humidity packets. Place your packet inside the bottom of the container below the strainers and close the lid.

Bringing the heat

Notched base ring

Base ring notch feature allows for heat pad sensors to securely rest below the base of the body for maintaining accurate temperature control for seed germination and early plant growth.

Cannakan KAN stackable 2 KANs stacked and TRa self contained packed away
Pack & Stack

Self contained and stackable.

Forget about all those jars or containers, wet plastic bags with soggy paper towels and empty pots that are usually MIA or broken. Not only are our systems easy to use, but they are also easy to store too. Once you’re done using our systems just pack everything into its self-contained setup. When you are ready to grow again, everything is where it needs to be. All together in the same place.

Like momma's arms

Huggers uses and features

From the begining to the end.

Our focus is on the best possible systems: the tools as well as the process. On that list: avoiding contamination and/or damage to your seed. Providing not only the best grow environment, but handling process as well. Made with a wider arm spread than traditional tweezers making it easier to hug your seed. They are less ridged too, so you don't have to worry about hugging too tightly. Our planting dibber end creates the perfect forever home for your seed with enough extra room to accommodate a taproot.

Because it matters

Our Cannakan® systems & tools

Recycle Polypropylene (PP) 5: Food grade products made to last.

Recyclable, cold storage & dishwasher safe.