Reduce the risk of seed contamination & damage.


Anytime you handle your seeds.
Handle them with care: HUGGERS™.

using HUGGERS™ cupped seed tweezers plug end to make hole in grow medium
Like momma's arms

How to use HUGGERS™ cupped seed tweezers.

Press the dibber side of the cupped seed tweezers (the opposite end from the cups) down into your preferred growing media creating a hole and slot for the seed and the taproot.

HUGGERS™ cupped seed tweezers safely moving germinated seed with taproot

Giving your seed a hug.

Grab the germinated seed with the cupped end of the HUGGERS™. Avoid the taproot, picking it up so the taproot is between the cups, facing down and away from you.

placing germinated seed with taproot in hole prepared by HUGGERS™ plug end

Placing your seed in it's forever home.

Place the germinated seed in the prepared hole with the taproot facing down.

covering germinated seed hole and lightly watering

Cover & water.

Once in place, lightly pinch the hole closed and lightly water.

Like momma's arms. when you handle your seeds, handle them with care.

That's it! Happy growing.