How to: TRĀ™ SEED germination tray & growth system

Our systems provide the ideal environment for germinating seeds, growing seedlings and propagating plant clippings in a single: organized & easy to use system.

Cannakan Tra seed germination and growth tray system with split-pots

Organized storage, germination & growing: seeds, seedlings & plant clippings.

Section 4 (continued)

Stop and learn about germinating first

Did you already learn how to germinate using the KAN™ & TRā™?

If you are new to our systems and are looking to germinate seeds but haven't visited our "how to germinate" page, click the button below and you will be directed to that page. The content below is a continuation of "HOW TO" and goes on to show how to use our TRĀ™ system for continued germination, direct seeding, growing and propagating plant clippings.

How to remove false bottom strainers from seed partitions when done germinating seeds
Section: 4

False bottom strainers & Split-pots.

Once your seeds have germinated or if you are direct seeding.

1. Remove the false bottom strainers from partitions (avoid roots growing through the partition strainer before inserting the split-pots.)

Cannakan TRa soil block press creating soil block for planting seeds with seed partition in background
Planting under pressure

Split-pots soil block press.

HINT: make sure the grow media is moist. Put some in your hand and squeeze. If it falls apart it is still too dry. If you're squeezing out water, it's too wet. If it squeezes together & stays together you are good to go!

1. Snap the split-pots together and loosely fill to the top with your favorite grow media. (if you are using preformed and pre-cut grow media blocks you can skip this step)

2. Place on a solid & sturdy surface.

3. Slow & firm: while holding the split-pot: press down into the split-pot using the soil block press tool until the bottom ridge on the press touches the top of th split-pot.

4. Top the split-pot off with grow media and press one last time.

Replace partitions back in seed germination tray with water replacing drain plug
Coming together

Place your partitions inside the tray body and fill with water.


1. Remove the drain plug from tray body. (Use the tab end of the HUGGERSturning counter clockwise.)

2. Place tray body onto heat pad. (Make sure heat pad is NOT plugged in.)

3. Fill with distilled water. (Stop right below the drain hole & replace the drain plug. If water begins to drain out of the drain hole, stop.

4. Replace drain plug. (Use the tab end of the HUGGERSturning counter counter-clockwise..)

5. Place your partitions without the false bottom strainers back into the main tray body.

6. Plug your heat pad in.

Removing & replacing the drain plug from the TRā™.

Insert the dibber (tabbed end) of the HUGGERS™ cupped seed tweezers and turn counter clockwise to remove the drain plug.

Removing drain plug from seed germination tray using the HUGGERS cupped seed tweezers
Coming together

Split-pots & planting.

1. Install split-pots into partitions and use the HUGGERS™ to plant your seeds.

2. Track your seed position as you plant.

Download seed partition charts

Click on the button below to for our fillable partition charts. You can also download our app at the App Store and GooglePlay.

seed partition chart for Tra seed organizing
Closing things up

Clear dome & ventilation.

1. Place the clear dome with sliding vents on top of the tray.

2. Add a light and light schedule.

Adjust the slide vents to control temperature and humidity levels.

Split-pots can be used for propagating plant clippings.

plant clipping propagating in soil block
add or remove heat from seed germination system once plants start growing
Do what's best for your plants

Water, heat & humidity.

Over the next days and weeks you will need to decide when your plants no longer need extra humidity or heat.

Start by opening vents and eventually unplugging your heat pad during the grow process as your plants' growth progresses.


Cannakan Tra being filled with water bottom watering plants
When it's time to water

Bottom watering your plants.


1. Remove a single split-pot using the removal tool. (how to use removal tool in next section)

2. Fill with distilled water until you are about a 1/4" above the bottom of the partition. Replace the split-pot back into it's position and allowing your grow media to absorb water for about a half hour.

3. Remove drain plug and allow excess water to drain out & replace drain plug.

Replace vented dome cover. Plug your heat pad back in.

This method of watering will ensure that your plants get the right amount of water the require and reduces the risk of mold, mildew and unwanted guests.

When it's time to go!

Split-pot removal.

Once your plant is ready to move on. Use the removal tool to safely remove the split-pot & plant from the partition.

1. Hook in one side of the removal tool into the split-pot's top D loop and rotate tool until you are liined up and hooked into the oposite side.

2. Slight but firm: squeeze the removal tool.

3. Carefully lift upwards while still slightly squeezing the removal tool.

Moving on

Removing your plants from the split-pots.

1. Hold the split-pots in your hands so that each hand is holding a opsite side of the split-pot.

2. Squeeze and separate the pots by pulling them apart vertically. (Doing this will avoid any risk of dropping your plant. Once seperated, you are basically holding your plant, in what is now, the bottom half of the split-pot.)

Coming home

Prepare & plant

1. Take the soil bock press that you used to prepare the split-pots. Push it down firmly into the grow media of your plants' forever home. (stop when you reach the flat at the base of the handle.)

2. Gently place the soil block & plant you recently removed from your slit pot into the space created.


Everything comes to an end

Pack & store.

Our systems are packable & stackable. No mess and no stress when you are ready to grow. Just unpack and go!